[Bug 532286] Re: Samba: remote Win XP and Mac OS X machines can no longer mount shares

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Mar 5 16:30:43 GMT 2010

Thierry, as usual, thanks for your rapid response/attention to these

Good suggestion; I will try using a linux machine to connect from
192.168.1.x, which is my home network.  First, let me point out that Win
XP and Mac OS X machines on various networks have been unable to connect
to the Samba server -- I only tested linux from one location, but will
try your suggestion this weekend. is routable from, but is not,
as this is a private network using NAT.  The external address for is, and this is routable from
Using an ssh proxy on the firewall for the Samba server (i.e. using
iptables to route port 2222 on the firewall to port 22 on the samba
server), I can ssh from the Win XP machine directly to the Samba server,
and using a windows SSH FS tool called ExpanDrive, can map and use
drives over ssh; i.e. other TCP/IP protocols do work from the
(firewalled) Windows desktop to the (firewalled) Samba

Re: server logs:
The only thing in the server logs regarding are the ssh connections:
root at data:/var/log# rgrep '' *
auth.log:Mar  3 21:07:10 data sshd[26848]: Accepted password for pgoetz from port 1085 ssh2
auth.log:Mar  3 21:21:51 data sshd[26920]: Accepted password for pgoetz from port 1118 ssh2
(etc. -- several ssh connections listed)

Note that the new Samba server keeps track of all connection attempts (mostly unfriendly probes) and creates individual log files for them:
  log.__ffff_82.64.100.254    (attempted hack)
  log.ea103   (legitimate internal desktop)
  log.lizard (linux desktop used for testing)

Log files exist even for failed connection attempts, but none exists for

Samba: remote Win XP and Mac OS X machines can no longer mount shares
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