[Bug 464783] Re: gnome-terminal should default to 80x25 for application compatibility

Thomas Dickey dickey at his.com
Tue Mar 2 22:10:39 GMT 2010

The report has several problems.  I'll list a few of them.

vte would like to emulate xterm (it's incomplete).
xterm emulates vt100, vt220, etc.  Those are all 24x80.

PC's have 25x80.  But their emulation of vt100 is weak,
with well-known differences.

Terminator isn't relevant to the topic.

Generally speaking, terminal emulators do not pay much attention to the
termcap data.  It's useful (as xterm and gnome-terminal can do) to set function
keys.  For sizing the terminal - the use of that via termcap is an archaic feature.

The scrap of termcap in gnome-terminal's source (aside from the fact that an
upstream bug notes that the feature is not working) is purely to enable gnome-terminal
to find the data (for some reason its developers did not use the conventional terminfo
or termcap interfaces to obtain this information).

The comment about wikipedia
(a) misinterprets what is there and
(b) wikipedia is not a reliable source.

gnome-terminal should default to 80x25 for application compatibility
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