[Bug 456808] Re: Karmic-Networking (SAMBA) just does not work, even with detailed attention.

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 6 07:37:55 GMT 2010

This doesn't have "low importance", this is invalid as a bug report.

Saying "samba is too damn complicated, underdocumented, error-prone and
dependent of other network characteristics to be easily used as a
default file sharing solution" is true, but it's not a bug. Nor is
"samba is not working for me".

I perfectly agree that file sharing could use a lot of simplification
and that effort should be spent on that. There is not a single bug that,
if fixed, would make it work for everyone. As a gathering point for
every single user that failed to setup file sharing in karmic, this bug
is useless. It's perfectly working for most people. There is a variety
of specific bugs or missing documentation, each different, that prevents
you from completing a file sharing setup. Sometimes it's samba that
doesn't play nice with your DNS, sometimes it's samba not starting etc.
If you can point to a specific issue that is reproducible, file a new
bug rather than adding your "samba fails for me as well" comment here.
In parallel, adding your voice to brainstorm.ubuntu.com on how much we
should make file sharing simpler could help.

Filing fuzzy bugs and insulting developers is not the preferred way to
go. There are plenty of other important, well-detailed and politely-
filed bugs we can spend our limited efforts on.

Karmic-Networking (SAMBA) just does not work, even with detailed attention.
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