[Bug 274350] Re: apparmor HOMEDIRS not adjusted for likewise

Jamie Strandboge jamie at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 5 13:50:24 GMT 2010

Here is an untested debdiff which adjusts 'template homedir' as decided
upon. I also have the packaging create /home/likewise-open. While I
can't test this, I think that this may be all that is needed. In other
words, upgrades from Hardy to Lucid should work just fine. Assuming the
user does the required reboot after upgrade, then the next time likewise
is used it will use the new template homedir.

As I don't have a way to test this, I am uncomfortable uploading to
Lucid at this time. Gerry, can you give feedback on this debdiff? If it
looks good, I can upload to Lucid and you can incorporate my changes
into your next upload. Thanks!

** Attachment added: "likewise-open_4.1.2982-0ubuntu4.debdiff"

apparmor HOMEDIRS not adjusted for likewise
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