[Bug 526386] Re: dnsmasq exits using --interface if the interface does not exist yet

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 23 21:32:13 GMT 2010

    Actually, I filed this bug more as a result of the comments in the
libvirt code, which indicate that at least one user of dnsmasq found it
unable to accomplish an operation that seemed to make sense based on the
documentation with a particular corner-case configuration.

    I consider it wishlist at best, and perhaps won'tfix.  Addressing
this is completely unnecessary to either allow libvirt and dnsmasq to
interoperate or to permit users to use ad-hoc interfaces.  It's also not
necessarily the best way to address the case where someone wants to do
both things at once (there being several other ways to do that well).
It only exists to document either a decision that dnsmasq specifically
doesn't support using --interface and --bind-interface in combination
with an ad-hoc interface *or* that when used in this combination there
is a potential for a race condition.

    Although this issue was initially raised in bug #231060, it's
irrelevant to my current plan to address that bug, but since I won't be
addressing this race condition in the resolution of that bug, I wanted
to separate this out.

dnsmasq exits using --interface if the interface does not exist yet
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