[Bug 524893] Re: Can't boot initramfses

Loïc Minier lool at dooz.org
Mon Feb 22 20:40:50 GMT 2010

@Dave: Ack, I understand the same as you do so far.  The initramfs is
the output of building the "debian-installer" packages, and it allows
setting in which format you want that file; I've put "initramfs"
explicitly and checked the code which does call cpio -H newc back then,
so I confirm that it's created correctly.

I've submitted a patch to add CONFIG_CRAMFS=y to make use of the
fallback you mention (initrd in ramdisk block device) while we figure
out what's wrong with initramfs.

I agree with you it's either a kernel or qemu bug, but given that I saw
initramfs unpacking work on real imx51 boards' dmesgs (in other bug
reports), I tend to believe it's a qemu issue, but I don't know enought
of the format to look into it.


Can't boot initramfses
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