[Bug 463684] Re: openldap sections in ubuntu server guide not updated for packages in karmic

murray ubuntu at focus-computing.com.au
Mon Feb 22 01:36:16 GMT 2010

I am sick of this.

I have spent the last 4 days upgrading, installing, uninstalling trying
really hard to get OpenLDAP to work on Ubuntu but I am just now giving

For those who care to listen there are some reasons:

1. I originally had it working on Edgy but when I went to test some
stuff on Friday it was no longer working.  Plus I thought it was
probably time for an update...

2. The update had some moments but I eventually arrived at Karmic but
along the way my slapd.conf wouldn't upgrade.

3. No worries, I'll remove and install the package again.  Really really
bad decision.

4. The installation wouldn't work because the remove wouldn't delete the
slapd.conf.  The remove was failing as was the install. I eventually
deleted the slapd.conf manually so the remove and install would then
work.  I was surprised that a new slapd.conf was never created.

5. The configuration script asks just 3 questions when it clearly should
be asking a whole lot more.  Nobody seems to know why it's not asking
more but they think the documentation should be updated to reflect that
the configuration will only ask 3 questions.  Duh!

6. More googling and I found a step by step to getting the ldap server
working.  Well, at least there were steps but I couldn't get them to
work.  I needed some Berkeley database which I couldn't find anywhere,
and I looked for other packages that utilised this bdb and tried
installing them - I don't know if the database arrived or not but the
LDAP script still failed with some error about the database, I think it
was error (80) - really cool messages.  So my ldap server is like a
beached whale without this database.... I thought that was what pre-
requisites were for....

7. None of the ldapadd scripts worked and now the problems are just
adding up...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a piece of software that would load, provide
some configuration options and then you could use a tool like
LDAPExplorerTool2  to do the loading and searching functions.

I'm a developer and my application operates as an LDAP client - I don't
want to learn all of the intricacies of the LDAP server in order to test
my application.  I want just the basics operating so I can test my app
with a couple of use cases.

I'm now completely turned off Ubuntu and will be heading off to another
Linux derivative.

Good bye.

openldap sections in ubuntu server guide not updated for packages in karmic
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