[Bug 521397] Re: Unable to mount shares from Windows ME

David Lee Lambert davidl at lmert.com
Fri Feb 19 11:56:11 GMT 2010

OK,  I found a message on the Samba mailing-list that helped.


Using that,  I figured out a work-around:

# mount.cifs //PurpleComputer/DQFILES /purple/dqfiles/ -o rw,file_mode=0660,dir_mode=0770,gid=dq,credentials=/root/for-PurpleComputer.cred,ip=,servernetbiosname=PURPLECOMPUTER

Having to hard-code the IP address is an annoyance,  but in my case it
is in fact a static IP address.  If it wasn't,  I could put the
following in a script:

mount.cifs //PurpleComputer/DQFILES /purple/dqfiles/ -o
PurpleComputer.cred,ip=`nmblookup PurpleComputer | grep '<00>' | cut -f
1 -d ' '`,servernetbiosname=PURPLECOMPUTER

Unable to mount shares from Windows ME
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