[Bug 462172] Re: [SRU] samba "Too many files are currently in use."

Besterino besterino at web.de
Thu Feb 18 22:30:29 GMT 2010

Had the same problem described above (copying folder with 77k files from
windows 7 64Bit to ubuntu 9.10 server ended quickly in error message
"too many files open...").

Installed the -proposed package manually (sudo aptitude install samba
/karmik-proposed). After samba restart copying same folder works without
interruption (windows error message that is).

I do notice a performance drop though. Where before the installation of
the samba -proposed package I could copy a 2GB file at approx. 75-80MB/s
to the samba share, the speed is now down to 60-65MB/s.

[SRU] samba "Too many files are currently in use."
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