[Bug 498245] Re: bridge_maxwait is useless with upstart

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at canonical.com
Thu Feb 11 16:15:43 GMT 2010

The specific problem you're having (from reading the other referenced
bug report) is that adding the delay causes the bridge to take longer
before it's brought up, and upstart doesn't wait for the bridge to
finish being brought up before running the init scripts in /etc/rc2.d.
However, upstart doesn't wait for *any* interfaces to be brought up
before processing /etc/rc2.d, bridges or otherwise; there's a general
race condition here that happens to be fixed for you when speeding up
the bridge init, but solving the race generally needs to be done in the
munin package:

 - the munin package needs to provide an upstart job in place of the init script
 - you will need to modify the upstart job to specifically wait for the bridge interface to be up ("start on net-device-up IFACE=br1") to match your specific needs of binding to a particular interface.

** Package changed: bridge-utils (Ubuntu) => munin (Ubuntu)

bridge_maxwait is useless with upstart
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