[Bug 414997] Re: ec2-set-defaults should be 'run_once_per_ami'

Scott Moser smoser at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 28 19:01:27 BST 2009

The issue with the above patches (comment 6 and comment 7) is that they
possibly trump changes the user made that they intended to cross the re-
bundling.  If the user made the change with a tool, then they possibly
wouldn't see the file and warning that was written in it.  Such an
example is that locale is changed/modified with 'update-locale' rather
than by hand editing /etc/default/locale.

I think the gist of all of this is that the template system is a more
powerful system, and has good reason for existance.  Not re-generating
the modified files on every "first boot", means the user loses the power
that the templating system gained us.  As i pointed out, simply
overwriting only if the file is different from the one you *would* write
isn't sufficient, as it doesn't take into consideration the fact that
the user is only able to write one file, while the template system
outputs multiple based on environment conditions.

ec2-set-defaults should be 'run_once_per_ami'
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