[Bug 286290] Re: upgrade process hangs

Mike mailmichael at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 19 23:34:47 BST 2009

I'm running into the same problem on a fresh install on ubuntu 9.0.4.
It won't accept my input for the qualified domain and prints out the
following to stderr AFAIK:

Warning: Newline present in parameters passed to debconf.
This will probably cause strange things to happen!
Here are the steps I'm following: 
1) run sudo apt-get install postfix (It then adds ssl-cert to the list) 
2) Select Postfix Configuration "Internet Site" 
3) Enter 2oceanview.com as the domain.  It doesn't accept it and restores the default entry mail.2oceanview.com.  I modify the entry again and select OK and it goes to the "question skipped" issue described above. 

Thus, I think there are two errors here.

a) I'm not trying to skip the question.  It is just not accepting my input.  
b) the value 'skipped question' to indicate the question was skipped includes an invalid delimiter ('\n'). 

That being said, I seem to be getting further by choosing not choosing
"internet site" but instead to not configure it.  Then I run sudo dpkg-
reconfigure postfix and it accepts my entry for the domain.

upgrade process hangs
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