[Bug 423865] Re: [FFE] Image Store UI in Eucalyptus needs local proxy

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at canonical.com
Mon Sep 14 18:14:20 BST 2009

More information:

<niemeyer> slangasek: This is a new feature being introduced to add support in Eucalyptus to download and register images automatically through the Eucalyptus admin interface itself
<niemeyer> slangasek: A bad scenario for this feature is to not work at all, but this won't mean that other parts of the system would stop working
<slangasek> niemeyer: well, which parts are new?  The bug description talks a lot about "system requirements", but I'm pretty sure most of these are already present by default?
<niemeyer> slangasek: So the risk is self-contained, IMO
<niemeyer> slangasek: Right.. the only new part is the image-store-proxy itself
<slangasek> niemeyer: and that's going to be shipping where?  in the server images?
<niemeyer> slangasek: Right, next to Eucalyptus
<niemeyer> slangasek: For the Image Store UI that is now in Eucalyptus to work at all, this proxy is needed
<niemeyer> slangasek: So there should be a mutual dependency between them

[FFE] Image Store UI in Eucalyptus needs local proxy
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