[Bug 444926] Re: samba and smbfs depend on an old version of samba-common

Sam Illingworth mazz0 at mazz0.com
Mon Oct 26 19:29:47 GMT 2009

Well, I suppose it's good that it's not affecting other people, but I've
never manually edited my sources file, and I've disabled every optional
repo so I'm only looking at the standard Ubuntu ones, so this would
still seem to be an Ubuntu bug.  Hmm.  Well, I'm planning on doing a
fresh install when Karmic is out, so I imagine this will be resolved in
three days!  Well, not resolved, but it won't effect me any more, and
since nobody else has subscribed I don't suppose it matters.  I don't
like just giving up though, something must have gone wrong and without
having found out what we've no reason to assume that that bug isn't
still in there somewhere, waiting, watching, slowly and surely drawing
its plans against us...

samba and smbfs depend on an old version of samba-common
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