[Bug 456985] Re: account configuration not working

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Fri Oct 23 14:02:48 BST 2009

Chuck: your New->Confirmed seems to contradict Steve's assessment, yes?

I can see Steve's point, so I raised the issue on the nssldap list at
PADL but didn't really get anything meaningful back.  It would appear
that nobody is listening there or there is no solution to this problem.
I.e. to this point at least, it does not appear that one can disable the
shadow map and thusly stop nssldap from returning a "x" in the password

But at the same time, neither does it make any sense to me to
provide/require a shadow map from LDAP when LDAP shadow authentication
is not even being used for a given user (i.e. using kerberos).  IOW, I
should be able to configure nsswitch.conf with:

shadow: files

and not have pam_unix barf.

account configuration not working
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