[Bug 446263] Re: sync request (unstable -> main) for getting maven built

Matthias Klose matthias.klose at canonical.com
Mon Oct 19 22:04:47 BST 2009

ubuntu changes are integrated in debian

libcommons-lang-java (2.4-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Upload to unstable.

 -- Torsten Werner <twerner at debian.org>  Sun, 09 Aug 2009 12:04:17 +0200

libcommons-lang-java (2.4-3) experimental; urgency=low

  * Update debian/control as my changes where not checked in previously

 -- Ludovic Claude <ludovic.claude at laposte.net>  Mon, 13 Jul 2009
00:16:04 +0100

libcommons-lang-java (2.4-2) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Ludovic Claude ]
  * Change section to java, bump up Standards-Version to 3.8.1
  * Add the Maven POM to the package,
  * Add a Build-Depends-Indep dependency on maven-repo-helper
  * Add ${misc:Depends} to Depends to clear Lintian warnings
  * Use mh_installpom and mh_installjar to install the POM and the jar to the
    Maven repository
  * Remove 01build_xml_license_location_patch.dpatch as it's not useful 
  * Patch src/conf/MANIFEST.MF: add the OSGi metadata generated by the Maven 
    build, use quilt
  * Put the API documentation in a separate package

  [ Torsten Werner ]
  * Add Build-Depends: quilt, maven-repo-helper.
  * Upload to experimental.

** Also affects: libcommons-lang-java (Ubuntu)
   Importance: Undecided
       Status: New

sync request (unstable -> main) for getting maven built
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