[Bug 444352] Re: DB deadlock on reboot prevents UEC from working, temporarily

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at ubuntu.com
Fri Oct 9 13:38:45 BST 2009

So to summarize:
- To trigger the bug, reboot your cluster and try running euca-describe-availability-zones verbose once eucalyptus is ready. It fails, and makes DEADLOCK errors appear in the logs.
- After a few tries, eucalyptus does a "hard reset" on connections and autofixes itself.
- This occurs for me every time, the first time I start eucalyptus after system startup.
- Stopping and restarting eucalyptus on a running system does not trigger the error. It only happens at first eucalyptus startup after a boot.
- This does not depend on the boot order, since I can reproduce by starting up manually after boot is fully complete. It does not depend on static / DHCP networking either, I can reproduce in both cases.
- It does not depend on the way eucalyptus is stopped, since I reproduce it by manually stopping eucalyptus.

It seems like a condition that is only found after a fresh boot is
triggering the issue. Something that starting and stopping eucalyptus
once will fix. I tried cleaning up /var/run/eucalyptus and /tmp/ and
reproduce, but that doesn't come from there. I also tried cleaning up
the address, but that doesn't trigger it either.

** Changed in: eucalyptus (Ubuntu Karmic)
     Assignee: Thierry Carrez (ttx) => (unassigned)

DB deadlock on reboot prevents UEC from working, temporarily
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