[Bug 351980] Re: ntptrace reports wrong results

JP Vossen jp at jpsdomain.org
Wed Oct 7 20:11:06 BST 2009

1. Is this reproducible?

Since the bug was created so long ago, I don't recall any more detail
than above.  Sorry...

Running in VMware Server 1.x VMs under some conditions makes time in the
VM run really oddly.  Perhaps the above hit a race condition where:

1) ntpd polled and time was OK
2) ntptrace ran live and realized time was out of sync
3) But since ntpd was between polling cycles it didn't realize that yet, so we see a disconnect in what ntptrace says vs. what ntpd had logged?
4) Then at 2009-03-30_17:57:48 ntpd resynced?

I dunno, that's all a wild guess.

This remix from the above session, times in EDT, might make both the
problem and my wild guess a little more clear:

2009-03-30_17:49:19: ntpd: time reset -2.120918 s
2009-03-30_17:52:22: ntptrace: localhost: stratum 16, offset 0.000000, synch distance 0.013815
2009-03-30_17:57:48: ntpd: synchronized to, stratum 2

ntptrace reports wrong results
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