[Bug 427896] [NEW] Cannot unmount a windows network share.

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Sat Oct 3 15:46:57 BST 2009

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whether you use "smbmount", "mount.cifs", or "mount -t cifs" to mount a
windows network share,

you cannot unmount the network share.

I have tried: "smbumount" , "umount.cifs" , and "umount -t cifs "

many other people are having this problem and it seems that they all use
the same program to unmount. That program always returns

"This utility only unmounts cifs filesystems."

even though the filesystem was mounted as "cifs"

The only solution I have seen regarding this problem is that some fedora
users reported that putting SELinux into permissive mode solves the


I'm not sure what SELinux does exactly, but if it is in the OS then it
is probably there for a good reason. Therefore I would not like to keep
it in permissive mode permanently. I am going to try this to see if it
solves my problem too.

If you can mount without being super user, you should also be able to
unmount. Even if I use the raw "sudo umount -t cifs" it still returns
the same thing.

I imagine that the bug is in SELinux configuration. Its like they shut
if off to not block "mount.cifs", but forgot to do the same for

This is a major problem because after mounting the fs it cannot be
unmounted, even by the system on shutdown. This error haults the
shutdown, and I have to use the "press and hold the button" technique to
shut off the laptop.

I am using Ubuntu 9.04
"Description:	Ubuntu 9.04
Release:	9.04"

** Affects: samba (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

** Tags: cifs mount mount.cifs samba share smbfs smbmount smbumount umount umount.cifs windows
Cannot unmount a windows network share.
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