[Bug 420389] Re: php 5.2.6 'random' segfault

Pieter Steyn pieterste at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 11:16:54 GMT 2009


Unfortunately I cannot, as the bug seems to be random.  I can't
reproduce at will.

I have upgraded the server to 9.10, and unfortunately these segfaults
are still happening:

Nov 15 22:03:01 www kernel: [290867.628175] php[9268]: segfault at 7f054294d140 ip 00007f054294d140 sp 00007f0541a570e8 error 14 in librt-2.10.1.so[7f05457b8000+7000]
Nov 15 22:36:01 www kernel: [292847.213232] php[15503]: segfault at 7f3007d48140 ip 00007f3007d48140 sp 00007f3006e520e8 error 14 in librt-2.10.1.so[7f300abb3000+7000]
Nov 15 22:51:01 www kernel: [293747.192936] php[18251]: segfault at 7ff53d442140 ip 00007ff53d442140 sp 00007ff53c54c0e8 error 14 in librt-2.10.1.so[7ff5402ad000+7000]
Nov 15 22:54:01 www kernel: [293927.350036] php[18711]: segfault at 7fbf9f6f0140 ip 00007fbf9f6f0140 sp 00007fbf9e7fa0e8 error 14 in libgpg-error.so.0.4.0[7fbfa1a12000+3000]
Nov 16 01:35:01 www kernel: [303587.746765] php[13568]: segfault at 7f9ffe710140 ip 00007f9ffe710140 sp 00007f9ffd81a0e8 error 14 in librt-2.10.1.so[7fa00157b000+7000]
Nov 16 04:15:02 www kernel: [313188.102502] php[32091]: segfault at 7fd1c6d86140 ip 00007fd1c6d86140 sp 00007fd1c5e900e8 error 14 in librt-2.10.1.so[7fd1c9bf1000+7000]
Nov 16 09:20:01 www kernel: [331487.740127] php[31943]: segfault at 7fea8b92a140 ip 00007fea8b92a140 sp 00007fea8aa340e8 error 14 in librt-2.10.1.so[7fea8e795000+7000]
Nov 16 09:50:01 www kernel: [333288.023970] php[26424]: segfault at 7fed516e3140 ip 00007fed516e3140 sp 00007fed507ed0e8 error 14 in libXdmcp.so.6.0.0[7fed51caa000+5000]
Nov 16 11:50:02 www kernel: [340488.086574] php[25747]: segfault at 7f8e8b0f9140 ip 00007f8e8b0f9140 sp 00007f8e8a2030e8 error 14 in librt-2.10.1.so[7f8e8df64000+7000]
Nov 16 12:40:01 www kernel: [343487.155872] php[6534]: segfault at 7f5fd7ad9140 ip 00007f5fd7ad9140 sp 00007f5fd6be30e8 error 14 in librt-2.10.1.so[7f5fda944000+7000]

I understand it's not much to work with though. :/


php 5.2.6 'random' segfault
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