[Bug 105457] Re: mysqd_safe high cpu usage

guivho launchpad at vanhoecke.org
Sun Nov 15 12:16:56 GMT 2009

I have this problem in 64-bit desktop karmic running mysql

As part of my daily maintenance chores, I
   'sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop'
the server, copy the database directory to my backup drive and
   'sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start'
the server afterwards.

Frequently, and I do not know when or why, the mysqld_safe process is
not stopped by the above command.

The start command launches its own instance of the mysqld_safe process.
And bingo, we've got to competing mysqld_safe processes and the load of
one of the cpu's goes to 100%.

As a temporary solution, I will issue a 
   'sudo killall mysqld_safe' 
immediately after the stop command.

However this should not be needed, and I feel that this problem is
really a showstopper, far from unimportant!

mysqd_safe high cpu usage
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