[Bug 462140] Re: maximum 61 "running" instances, others shutting down

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 13 08:34:08 GMT 2009

Paul, upstream says they haven't hit such a limit in their testing, they
think it must come from some configuration issue or status that would be
carried from tests to tests.

Dan: could you please confirm that you don't run into any limit running the same test that Paul ran in comment 10, namely:
Create 30 security groups
For each group, run: euca-run-instance -n 20 --addressing private --group X
Paul can only get 75 machines running, with other being terminated *by security group*.
Do you confirm that VNET_PUBLICIPS value shouldn't factor in that test, since we are using private addressing.

Paul: could you confirm you start the test from a pristine state. That
includes rebooting (or restarting eucalyptus) if you are using the
current karmic packages, or running "sudo restart eucalyptus CLEAN=1" if
you are running the current karmic-proposed packages.

maximum 61 "running" instances, others shutting down
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