[Bug 252686] Re: Reload action on init script kills daemon

Tim Utschig tim at tetro.net
Mon May 18 02:10:51 BST 2009

Is the fix discussed in #228460 going to make it into hardy?  Specifically this change to /lib/lsb/init-functions:

   -    if [ -n "$sig" -o "$sig" = 15 -o "$sig" = TERM ]; then
   +    if [ -z "$sig" -o "$sig" = 15 -o "$sig" = TERM ]; then

I'm encountering this bug when "/etc/init.d/freeradius reload" ends up
sending SIGTERM rather than SIGHUP.

I can see that it is marked as WONTFIX for hardy.  I suppose it is not a
severe bug, but it is confusing when first encountered and annoying

Reload action on init script kills daemon
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