[Bug 326768] Re: mysqld_safe thinks mysqld has crashed when it hasn't

DAP Douglas_Peale at Yahoo.com
Thu May 7 21:04:47 BST 2009

See this thread

superm1 suggested I enable the Jaunty Proposed repository to see if it
fixed this problem, it did not. I still get this in the log:

May 7 12:43:01 AComputer mysqld_safe[4938]: Number of processes running now: 1
May 7 12:43:01 AComputer mysqld_safe[4946]: mysqld process hanging, pid 3191 - killed
May 7 12:43:01 AComputer mysqld_safe[4949]: restarted

I am running 2 HDHomerun boxes, and an ATI HD Blunder card. I have a script in rc2.d that delays mythbackend until the HDHomerun boxes can be accessed through the network. I have also been experimenting with delaying mythbackend to see if I can avoid the database problem.
I currently have a 3 minute delay in the mythtv-backend script to delay the start of the backend. The msqld_safe problem tracks the start time of the backend. If I delay the backend start time by 3 minutes, the mysqld_safe problem shows up 3 minutes later in the log file.
There is an advantage to the delay however, it appears that if the backend start is delayed long enough, mysqld restarts fast enough that it does not screw up the backend (4 sucessful restarts with this setup so far). Nasty kludge, but it appears to be working.

mysqld_safe thinks mysqld has crashed when it hasn't
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