[Bug 216358] Re: Samba crashes repeatedly to assert_uid

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 16:05:40 GMT 2009

Sigh. It is even a bit more complex than that:
"In Unix-like systems, user-level activities are implemented by running processes. Most Unix systems support a ``thread'' as a separate concept; threads share memory inside a process, and the system scheduler actually schedules threads. Linux does this differently (and in my opinion uses a better approach): there is no essential difference between a thread and a process. Instead, in Linux, when a process creates another process it can choose what resources are shared (e.g., memory can be shared). The Linux kernel then performs optimizations to get thread-level speeds; see clone(2) for more information. It's worth noting that the Linux kernel developers tend to use the word ``task'', not ``thread'' or ``process'', but the external documentation tends to use the word process (so I'll use the term ``process'' here). When programming a multi-threaded application, it's usually better to use one of the standard thread libraries that hide these differences."
Taken from: http://linux.com/base/ldp/howto/Secure-Programs-HOWTO/processes.html

Samba crashes repeatedly to assert_uid
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