[Bug 227848] Re: boot order wrong for iscsi

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at canonical.com
Wed Jun 17 23:26:01 BST 2009

The biggest blocker for getting this fixed in hardy isn't bug #44194,
but rather Debian bug #383073 and Debian bug #383123 that were fixed in
a post-hardy merge of sysvinit.  Without that fix, there's no way to
trigger mounting iscsi devices after they've been made available, which
is the problem to be solved: the network interfaces are only
*guaranteed* to be up after S40networking, and nothing in hardy will
trigger mounting of non-network-filesystem devices after that point.

Fixing 44194 would let us cover all our bases for things such as iSCSI +
wpa_supplicant, but that's not actually an interesting use case to the
typical iSCSI user and not the problem being discussed here; fixing this
bug without 44194 would not be a regression since /usr on iSCSI doesn't
work today for anyone in hardy.

boot order wrong for iscsi
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