[Bug 317564] Re: Upgrade to Subversion 1.6.x for Karmic

Anders Kaseorg andersk at mit.edu
Mon Jun 1 05:30:40 BST 2009

I asked the Debian maintainer in http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-
bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=531366 why 1.6.x hasn’t moved out of Debian
experimental yet, and got a detailed response.  The three issues he
mentioned look relatively minor, and the second isn’t an issue for
Ubuntu (we already disable serf because it’s in universe), but we should
be aware of them and of the fact that 1.6.x in experimental might not
get updates as frequently as 1.5.x in unstable would.

I think we should still get 1.6.x into Karmic; there is plenty of time
to work out any remaining issues.  But if we want to stay with 1.5.x for
now, we should at least merge 1.5.6 from testing/unstable (debdiff in
bug 382002).

Upgrade to Subversion 1.6.x for Karmic
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