[Bug 211631] Re: CIFS/SMBFS shares not unmounted before network is shut down

bobp custom_basses at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 30 20:31:39 GMT 2009

I also did the right thing and reported this bug in one of the reports
that was marked as a duplicate.  Yes it is frustrating to see bugs take
so long to get fixed, and ultimately lack of a positive result teaches
users to give up bothering to file bug reports.  That's not a good
thing, as it causes bugs to go unreported and impedes progress.

In the big scheme of things, using Linux teaches you patience, teaches
you to learn to live with disappointment, and teaches you to look on the
bright side:  I left Gentoo development many years ago because of
problems like this.  With that other distro, bugs would remain unfixed
and some developers would deny that bugs exist and invalidate bug
reports without fixing the bugs, just to buff up their bug closure
statistics.  Then users would fight to have them reopened, and the
developer would immediately re-close it.  It was like beating your head
against the wall.  The entire process of user reporting and developer
invalidating would repeat itself over and over again in a never ending
cycle.  It evolved into a farce.

Watching the Gentoo developers insist that the bugs don't exist can be
quite amusing -- even though I have not used the distribution any more,
I'm still receiving email updates regarding an rsync time logging bug
that remains unresolved 5 years after I first reported it, and the same
developer continues to close the bug reports every time that users re-
open them.  Ubuntu may be far from perfect, but at least the price is
right and you don't have to waste hours or days COMPILING an entire
operating system only to find that it doesn't work right.  Look on the
bright side -- our situation could be much worse than it is.

CIFS/SMBFS shares not unmounted before network is shut down
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