[Bug 308647] Re: dhclient fails to be run during boot of Intrepid

dufrp@gmail.com dufresnep at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 20:08:48 GMT 2009

Well, suppose I forget the hostname part (Alt-FN shows
localhost.localdomain, even if a meaninfull value is in /etc/hostname,
and seems to stay that after dhclient).

Was having same problem after upgrading to Intrepid from Hardy.
I uncommented (removed the #) the following line from /etc/network/intefaces:
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Then I renamed /etc/rc2.d/S28NetworkManager to
/etc/rc2.d/K72NetworkManager to disable the NetworkManager.

After that, Internet works fine again.

I suppose the line was commented out of /etc/network/interfaces because
NetworkManager should call dhcpclient itself when it is not configured
but it does not?

Anyway, the bug seems to be with NetworkManager not dhcp3 client.

Russel, can you confirm that this workaround works for you?

dhclient fails to be run during boot of Intrepid
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