[Bug 42835] Re: apt-get E: Method http has died unexpectedly!

Ryan Rawdon ryan at u13.net
Wed Jan 28 17:13:52 GMT 2009

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 39990 ***

Can anyone explain why this is marked as a duplicate of #39990 ?  I
don't see any relationship between the two.

I have been seeing this behavior for quite a while.  It seems to happen
much, much more on a low-latency network with an APT mirror.  I have
seen it more over IPv6 than IPv4, but I have seen it over both.

ryan at upad:~$ sudo apt-get update                                                
[sudo] password for ryan:                                                       
Get:1 http://ted jaunty Release.gpg [189B]                                      
Ign http://ted jaunty/main Translation-en_US                                    
Ign http://ted jaunty/restricted Translation-en_US                              
Ign http://ted jaunty/universe Translation-en_US                                
Ign http://ted jaunty/multiverse Translation-en_US                              
Get:2 http://ted jaunty-updates Release.gpg [189B]                              
Ign http://ted jaunty-updates/main Translation-en_US                            
Ign http://ted jaunty-updates/restricted Translation-en_US                      
Ign http://ted jaunty-updates/universe Translation-en_US                        
Ign http://ted jaunty-updates/multiverse Translation-en_US                      
Get:3 http://ted jaunty-backports Release.gpg [189B]                            
Ign http://ted jaunty-backports/main Translation-en_US                          
Ign http://ted jaunty-backports/restricted Translation-en_US                    
Ign http://ted jaunty-backports/universe Translation-en_US                      
Ign http://ted jaunty-backports/multiverse Translation-en_US                    
Get:4 http://ted jaunty-security Release.gpg [189B]                             
Ign http://ted jaunty-security/main Translation-en_US                           
Ign http://ted jaunty-security/restricted Translation-en_US                     
Ign http://ted jaunty-security/universe Translation-en_US                       
Ign http://ted jaunty-security/multiverse Translation-en_US                     
Get:5 http://ted jaunty Release [74.6kB]                                        
Get:6 http://ted jaunty-updates Release [41.7kB]                                
Get:7 http://ted jaunty-backports Release [41.7kB]                              
Get:8 http://ted jaunty-security Release [41.7kB]                               
Get:9 http://ted jaunty/main Packages [1280kB]                                  
Hit http://archive.canonical.com jaunty Release.gpg                             
Ign http://archive.canonical.com jaunty/partner Translation-en_US               
Hit http://archive.canonical.com jaunty Release                                 
Get:10 http://ted jaunty/restricted Packages [9217B]                            
Get:11 http://ted jaunty/main Sources [556kB]                                   
Get:12 http://ted jaunty/restricted Sources [3252B]                             
Get:13 http://ted jaunty/universe Packages [4733kB]                             
Hit http://archive.canonical.com jaunty/partner Packages                        
Hit http://archive.canonical.com jaunty/partner Sources                         
Get:14 http://ted jaunty/universe Sources [2320kB]                              
Get:15 http://ted jaunty/multiverse Packages [199kB]                            
Get:16 http://ted jaunty/multiverse Sources [106kB]                             
E: Method http has died unexpectedly!                                    

I have been witnessing this on (at least) Hardy, Intrepid, and now
Jaunty too.  I can give any more information necessary to help, and if
there is a more appropriate bug report for this issue I would appreciate
hearing about it.

apt-get E: Method http has died unexpectedly!
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