[Bug 296952] Re: mysqlhotcopy failed on table with hyphen in name

Andreas Olsson andreas at arrakis.se
Sun Jan 25 18:35:46 GMT 2009

I'm attaching a debdiff which builds mysql-dfsg-5.0 without using the 56

The resulting mysqlhotcopy seems to fix this bug without causing any
other problems.

These are the tests I've (successfully) tried.

# mysqlhotcopy --allowold foo-bar
# mysqlhotcopy --allowold mysql
# mysqlhotcopy --allowold foo-bar mysql /root/dump/
# mysqlhotcopy --allowold mysql./o/ /root/dump/

** Attachment added: "debdiff to build mysql without 56-mysqlhotcopy-invalid-dbtable.dpatch"

mysqlhotcopy failed on table with hyphen in name
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