[Bug 296952] Re: mysqlhotcopy failed on table with hyphen in name

Andreas Olsson andreas at arrakis.se
Sun Jan 25 04:43:01 GMT 2009

In short, this is what has been happening to mysqlhotcopy.

(Please correct me if I'm wrong. It's late and I'm tired.)

DBD::mysql changed the behavior of $dbh->tables(), causing mysqlhotcopy
to break. This was kind of handled by the $hc_locks-patch in 56

Later mysqlhotcopy was fixed more properly by replacing $dbh->tables()
with a direct ""SHOW TABLES FROM `db`".

Our problem is that we still apply 56-mysqlhotcopy-invalid-
dbtable.dpatch, causing problem instead of fixing problems.

By the way, http://lists.mysql.com/commits/32765 is a good read.

mysqlhotcopy failed on table with hyphen in name
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