[Bug 314411] Re: logrotate cron spams when only apache2.2-common installed

Christian Hudon chrish at pianocktail.org
Thu Jan 22 17:42:16 GMT 2009

Andreas Olsson wrote:
> I'll see if I can recreate the scenario going back to dapper.
> Regarding getting the same problem on Hardy by simpling installing and
> removing apache2.2-common; have you actually tried it? I have, and I
> wrote about it in my first comment.
> Well, I guess there still might be the possibility of lograte rotating
> away the existing logs, and leaving /var/log/apache2 empty. I don't
> think so, but I guess I could take a closer look at exactly what the
> apache2 logrotate does.
Okay, I hadn't tried that one, and you're right that it won't reproduce 
this bug report. The reason is that the postinst touches 
/var/log/apache2/{error,access}.log on a new install. Presumably this 
bug would come from having installed an apache2-common which didn't have 
these lines in its postinst.

But in general, it just seems cleaner to me to have the logrotate.d file 
do a check similar to the check for the existence of the apache2 
executable at the beginning of /etc/init.d/apache2. And it also behaves 
better on upgrade from a previous version which didn't have that check, 
at least compared to the touch /var/log/foo. But if course, it's not 
entirely possible that I'm missing something too.

This bug is hardly critical of course, but I thought I'd file it 
nonetheless in the spirit of improving the quality of Ubuntu. Thanks for 
having a look at this! (Although the quick response may encourage me to 
file more bug reports in the future when I see bugs. :-) )


logrotate cron spams when only apache2.2-common installed
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