[Bug 296719] Re: kerberos-configs fails to configure if dnsdomainname fails

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Thu Jan 22 01:41:49 GMT 2009

1.22 has been synced to jaunty, so following the process for proposing
an intrepid update:

This bug causes users who do not have a valid local hostname to fail to
install krb5-config.  krb5-config is a dependency of many other packages
and recommendation for all Kerberos software packages.  The fix is to
handle failure of dnsdomainname.  A minimum patch is included earlier in
this bug.

TEST CASE: Change a system without krb5-config installed so that
dnsdomainname exits with an error.  This can be done by ensuring that
the local hostname is not fully qualified and then breaking DNS lookups
(such as by emptying /etc/resolv.conf).  Then, try installing

The patch should cause no regressions.  It just uses the default domain
(ATHENA.MIT.EDU) for users who don't have working DNS and who don't
answer the debconf prompt for their Kerberos realm.

Please note: I personally won't have time to prepare and upload the
package for Ubuntu intrepid.  I only watch Ubuntu bug reports because
I'm one of the maintainers of the corresponding Debian package.

kerberos-configs fails to configure if dnsdomainname fails
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