[Bug 105251] Re: NetworkManager wrongly releases DHCP IP

stevieh skrodzki at stevekist.de
Tue Jan 20 09:31:32 GMT 2009

When I understand this right, following stuff appeared from Hardy to

a) (minor issue) dhclient-script is not started per default. So the path
to dhclient-script should be set right (to /sbin/dhclient-script) in

b) up to hardy, at the end in the dhclient-exit-hooks.d there is a
should be some script telling the NetworkManager (via dbus?) that
dhclient has done it's job. In hardy, this was done by zzzz_dhcdbd but
dhcbd is not there any more in intrepid.

And this seems to be the issue: there is nothing in dhclients exit hooks
which tells the nm, that the job is done. If I'd understood, what is now
the "regular" way to tell nm that, I could write a hook in exit...

Or am I completely wrong?

NetworkManager wrongly releases DHCP IP
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