[Bug 296719] Re: kerberos-configs fails to configure if dnsdomainname fails

Mathias Gug mathiaz at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 19 21:52:17 GMT 2009

Approving for intrepid. In order to get an update in intrepid, the
StableReleaseUpdate process has to be followed:

Once version 1.22 is synced in jaunty (as requested in bug 318975) (step
1  of the SRU process), step 2 can be undertaken:

2. Update the bug report description and make sure it contains the
following information:

   1. A statement explaining the impact of the bug on users and justification for backporting the fix to the stable release
   2. An explanation of how the bug has been addressed in the development branch, including the relevant version numbers of packages modified in order to implement the fix.
   3. A minimal patch applicable to the stable version of the package. If preparing a patch is likely to be time-consuming, it may be preferable to get a general approval from the SRU team first.
   4. Detailed instructions how to reproduce the bug. These should allow someone who is not familiar with the affected package to reproduce the bug and verify that the updated package fixes the problem. Please mark this with a line "TEST CASE:".
   5. A discussion of the regression potential of the patch and how users could get inadvertently effected.

kerberos-configs fails to configure if dnsdomainname fails
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