[Blueprint improved-power-management] Improved Power Management

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 09:58:48 GMT 2009

Blueprint changed by Arnaud Quette:

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* Powerman - PDU support (http://powerman.sourceforge.net/):
  - Debian ITP (done)
  - Debian package upload (mostly done, upload underway)
  - Ubuntu sync (https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/315637, waiting)

* Network UPS Tools - NUT:
  - DeviceKit-power integration (postponed for 2.4.1)
  - dummy-ups repeater mode (communication link redundancy and forwarding) (done, trunk)
  - base PDU support (~6 SNMP units) (done, trunk)
  - extended PDU support, through libpowerman (~ 20 units) (done, trunk)
- configuration improvements: provide some library / backend to develop a config wizard (python and/or debconf). configuration is definitely NUT's weakest point, apart from the HAL/DK-p backends! (postponed for 2.6 ; work started on Augeas lens)
  - sub devices (present UPS' outlets as devices, to allow per outlet subscription and management) (postponed for 2.4.1 or 2.6)
  - virtual devices (composite devices, made of several UPSs (parallel, serial or sequential redundancy modes) and/or PDUs) (postponed)

* http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/power/good_practices.html

  Improved Power Management

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