[Bug 132233] Re: SMB Sharing not case sensitive

Tim Richardson tim at tim-richardson.net
Wed Jan 14 00:16:24 GMT 2009

Here is a copy/paste from a Debian bug report (mine). I think that "auto" doesn't work. By googling I came across this. 

Ubuntu most likely has the same problem.

Nautilus behaves correctly when a ext3 share is forced to case-sensitive
"yes", but it doesn't work with "auto". Therefore, seems to a samba
server problem.

There is a risk of data loss.

To reproduce data loss:

1. Share an ext3 folder with samba on a Debian host
2. On a Debian client, use nautilus to create two different files on the samba share,
file.txt and file.abc. Put different content in the two different files
3. Rename file.abc to be file.TXT 
4. Note that silently, file.txt has been destroyed. The icon in nautilus may still be visible, but on opening it, it will show the contents of the original file.abc

This is fixed by forcing case sensitive yes in the samba share (on the server).
In this case, file.txt and file.TXT are different.

It seems that "auto" case-sensitive doesn't work properly.

SMB Sharing not case sensitive
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