[Bug 273486] Re: Current eBox packages in intrepid don't work at all

Adam Sommer asommer at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 13 19:19:25 GMT 2009

Thanks Cody for reviewing my patches.

To answer the question about the Jaunty packages.  Yes, I was "just
getting a head start on the SRU", the Jaunty packages are being handled
by others, and should be updated by the end of the week.  Apologies for
not following precisely the SRU steps, for future patches I will adhere
to the guidelines.

This answer can also be applied to the same question for bugs 314606 and
255368, I can post it there as well if needed?

Regarding question 1 above, to confirm the patch fixes the problem:
- Install ebox-usersandgroups from Intrepid Universe
- Make sure the usersandgroups module is enabled: Login to eBox website > Module Status > check the "users and groups" check box and save.
- Try to create a new user, and receive this error: "An internal error has ocurred. This is most probably a bug, relevant information can be found in the logs." in the site.
- In /var/log/ebox.log there is this error:  "ERROR> Ldap.pm:126 EBox::Ldap::ldapCon - Can't create ldapi connection".
- The error is because the ebox-usersandgroups package isn't updated for the new slapd cn=config configuration method, and the updated package does use the new slapd configuration and works as expected.

For question 2, debdiff doesn't follow existing indention, I'm not sure
which are, or file, you mean?  I double checked with the patch applied
using "dpatch-edit-patch 07_ldap_conf_backend.dpatch", and didn't see
where the indention was off.  I could just be missing the obvious

I'm working with upstream to answer your other questions, and should
have things sorted out soon.

Thanks again Cody.

Current eBox packages in intrepid don't work at all
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