[Bug 273486] Re: Current eBox packages in intrepid don't work at all

Cody A.W. Somerville cody-somerville at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 13 16:41:26 GMT 2009

For the most part, this looks good but I do have a few questions:

 1. Could you please clarify how we can confirm that your patch fixes the problem?
 2. In your debdiff, you don't follow the existing indentation sometimes.
 3. Is it necessary for you to remove attribution comments at the top of tools/slapd.backup?
 4. In the same file, you remove DEFAULTS="/etc/default/slapd" but I see that variable is referenced later in the file. Is this intentional?
 5. In the same file, you seem to blow away an entire function and replace it with a few lines which does not set IFS to EOL like the original script did. Can you confirm that this intended and/or required?

Current eBox packages in intrepid don't work at all
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