[Bug 315896] Re: freeradius upgrade broken in hardy backports

Dameon Wagner d.wagner at ru.ac.za
Sun Jan 11 21:39:48 GMT 2009

I understand that it might not be recommended to do cross major version
upgrades, but it is one of the (usually) strong points of the APT
system, and indeed, I've rarely had any issues doing such things in the
past.  However, normally there's a ncurses dialog that mentions a few
things, possibly warns about issues that might be faced, and often
offers to show the admin a diff of old vs. new configuration files (not
that that is always easy between major revisions, due to changes in
config syntax and options).  What I take issue with is that there
weren't any of these warnings to enlighten me.

What I see as the main issue here is the inconsistency of the package
itself, not that it's a cross major version upgrade.  Indeed, the major
issue, other than the post-upgrade missing binaries (that was easily
fixed by installing the errant package) is that the NEW radiusd.conf and
the NEW initscript don't match, and from what I can gather, this would
also have been the had I installed freeradius 2.1.0 fresh, rather than
as an upgrade.  The simple matter is that the installed radiusd.conf
configures the daemon to use "/var/run/radiusd/radiusd.pid" as it's
PIDFILE, where as the initscript chooses to use

Other than the SQL $INDCLUDE files issue (which probably don't need to
be there by default, and are likely useless without further
configuration by the system admin), the matter of the pidfiles should be
a simple and inconsequential fix -- I don't really care which way round
it goes, but radiusd.conf and the daemon's initscript need to agree on
where the PIDFILE is going to go, and what it's called.

I've attached a small patch that fixes both non-existant $INCLUDE and
PIDFILE issues.  It works for me.

** Attachment added: "Comments unnecessary SQL includes, and brings conf and initscripts into agreement"

freeradius upgrade broken in hardy backports
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