[Bug 201736] Re: "Hammering" via ssh crashes Ubuntu Server

Aero9000 mbg at onsneteindhoven.nl
Sat Jan 10 13:13:22 GMT 2009

I built a new kernel ( and on at least one occasion the server
dropped into initramfs. This occurred after the server had remained
switched off for quite some time (about 4 weeks). It had remained
powered, though. At that particular occurrence I was not been hammering
the server. In fact, I have not been able to have the server drop in
initramfs by hammering it via SSH.

To rule out any hardware related issues, I will re-set up the server
with Ubuntu 8.10. Since I am in no real rush to do that, would you have
any preference for me to upgrade the existing install or do a fresh


"Hammering" via ssh crashes Ubuntu Server
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