[Bug 264943] Re: gvfsd-smb crashed with SIGSEGV in strlen()

rossjenkins rossawjenkins at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 18:08:49 GMT 2009

Replying to Christian Perrier & Daniel Eckl:

Sorry guys, I didn't mean to sound like I was recommending that everyone
lock in Thierry's ppa Samba patches without the most recent security
fixes. It is a balance between usability and security and in my specific
case the usability aspect trumps the security one. I will check out any
new updates as they are made available from Intrepid - Updates but if
they break my NAS access I will go back to the ppa fixes - I need a
functional NAS and I don't want the fuss of going back to Ubuntu 8.04 to
get it.

gvfsd-smb crashed with SIGSEGV in strlen()
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