[Bug 273486] Re: Current eBox packages in intrepid don't work at all

Adam Sommer asommer at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 7 04:24:21 GMT 2009

SRU Report

Bug Impact:
ebox-usersandgroups package no longer works due to changes in slapd to use cn=config option.  This represents a severe regression from ebox-usersandgroups between Hardy and Intrepid.

Fix in the development branch:
Not yet fixed in Jaunty, but will be soon.  The issue is fixed in the eBox PPA: https://launchpad.net/~ebox-unstable/+archive so the problem is fixed upstream.

Minimal Patch:
See debdiff attachment.

Reproducing the Bug:
$ sudo apt-get install ebox-usersandgroups
After installation the necessary eBox LDAP objects are not added, resulting in this error in /var/log/ebox/ebox.log:

2009/01/06 23:19:49 INFO> Manager.pm:528 EBox::ServiceModule::Manager::__ANON__ - File /etc/ldap /slapd.conf does not exist. So we won't compute its digest
2009/01/06 23:19:49 INFO> Module.pm:826 EBox::Module::writeConfFile - Skiping modification of /etc/ldap/slapd.conf

Regression Potential:
I don't believe there will be any regression based on my testing.  Also, the patch is intended to fix a regression that results in a non-working package.

If there is any additional information required please let me know.

** Attachment added: "ebox-usersandgroups debdiff"

Current eBox packages in intrepid don't work at all
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