[Bug 82853] Re: Add support for the smbk5pwd overlay

Jeremy Jackson jerj at coplanar.net
Wed Jan 7 01:29:28 GMT 2009

I've reworked Pat's files into a patch against Ubuntu slapd source
package 2.4.9-0ubuntu0.8.04.1

It's much more Debian-ized, except that there are still hacks since
upstream source doesn't use autoconf to build this module.

It produces an extra package slapd-smbk5pwd, that can be installed
without any of the other packages that get build; you can use the ones
from hardy-updates for slapd etc.  I did this so that any security
updates won't cause slapd-smbk5pwd to get uninstalled and bring down
authentication services.

I suppose there are other means of doing Single-Sign-On, but this one
works now.  Samba4 could shake things up in the area of SSO, of course
it uses Heimdal-kdc (internally by default), so this module might live
on even if it only gives slapd itsself integrated authentication with AD

** Attachment added: "Patch against Hardy slapd source to build smbk5pwd overlay module"

Add support for the smbk5pwd overlay
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