[Bug 132791] Re: cups smb logon fails quietly

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 15:56:25 BST 2009

Well, GNOME seems not to know how to prompt for a password anyway, yet.
As it was discovered in bug #283811.

But then, it sounds like the cache is not invalidated on error (else I
suppose it would not retry so much as to deactivate password a while on
the server).

As far I could tell, this cache is CUPS stuff, not Samba backend stuff.
Like http://www.cups.org/str.php?L2268+P0+S0+C0+I0+E0+M20+Q2268 says:

Backends will continue to get the authentication information from the
cache file (aNNNNN in the spool directory, where NNNNN is the job ID).
The format of this file is one authentication value per line, with each
value Base64-encoded.

When the authentication fails, backends can send an "ATTR: auth-info-
required=..." message to stderr to reconfigure the auth-info-required
attribute on the queue, and then exit with code 2 to indicate that
authentication is required.

I believe this is how, cache is supposed to be invalidated, and a new
password asked.

So if things goes correctly, Justin should be affected by bug #283811, if he is not... then that's looks like a bug to me.
Or maybe I spend to much time looking bug #283811 and not seeing things as they are. ;-)

cups smb logon fails quietly
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