[Bug 360891] Re: fatal errors during install

Ante Karamatić ivoks at grad.hr
Fri Apr 17 16:06:55 BST 2009

U Pet, 17. 04. 2009., u 13:24 +0000, Martin Pitt je napisao/la:

> The patch looks a bit weird. Isn't the entire idea of dovecot-postfix to
> *not* require the user to configure postfix before? Shouldn't that
> (ideally) be handled as integral part of configuring d-p?

At this point of development, no, dovecot-postfix can't know what type
of mail server user is setting up - is it a satelite system (with a
relay host) or stand alone mail server, or some special type of mail
server. We need user input on this, and postfix does a great job at that
- it offers couple of predefined use cases. dovecot-postfix just
integrates rest of the stuff (tls for all procotols, some postfix
security features, etc...).

This patch works around the problem when user doesn't choose any kind of
predefined configurations (when user selects 'No configuration'). In
that case, postfix package doesn't create main.cf file and
dovecot-postfix can't set up rest of the postfix variables. So, instead
of just exploding, with this patch, it offers the way out of the

fatal errors during install
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