[Bug 355210] [NEW] samba need update to latest stable in Ubuntu 9.04

Dmitry Korzhevin dkorzhevin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 17:31:44 BST 2009

Public bug reported:

Please, update samba for Ubuntu 9.04

Ubuntu 9.04 have outdated package samba 3.3.2

Changes since 3.3.2:

o   Michael Adam 
    * BUG 6195: Don't let smbd child processes panic.
    * Add backend_requires_messaging() method to libsmbconf.
    * Add methods is_writeable() and wrapper smbconf_is_writeable() to libsmbconf.
    * Fall back to file backend when no valid backend was found.
    * Fix a memleak in dbwrap_rbt.
    * Provide transaction_start|commit|cancel fns for the registry tdb.
    * Speed up "net conf drop".
    * Speed up "net conf import".
    * Add transactions to the libsmbconf API.
    * Reduce memory usage of "net conf import".
    * Registry cleanup.
    * Fix handling of SAMBA_VERSION_VENDOR_PATCH.
    * Fix build of pam_winbind.so with static linking.
    * Tidy up some convert_string_internal error cases.

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * BUG 6186: Fix map readonly.
    * BUG 6195: Migrating from 3.0.x to 3.3.x can fail to update passdb.tdb
    * BUG 6196: Unable to serve files with colons to Linux CIFS/VFS client.
    * BUG 6224: nmbd waits 5 minutes at startup before checking if it needs
      to run elections.
    * Allow DFS client paths to work when POSIX pathnames have been
    * Try and fix the build farm RAW-STREAMS errors.
    * Ensure files starting with multiple dots are hidden.

o   GУМnther Deschner 
    * BUG 6102: NetQueryDisplayInformation could return wrong information.
    * BUG 6193: Avoid messing with sync_context in libnet_samsync_delta().
    * Fix notify_printer_status_byname.
    * Fix Coverity IDs 722, 762, 774, 775, 776.

o   BjУЖrn Jacke 
    * Fix build on old Heimdal based systems.
    * Fix compile warning.
    * Use parentheses in if condition to make negation clear.

o   Andy Kelk 
    * Add dirsort module.

o   Steve Langasek 
    * BUG 6147: Fix detection of the GNU ld version.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * BUG 6097: Fix smbd segfault.
    * BUG 6130: Don't crash in winbindd_rpc lookup_groupmem() on unmapped
    * BUG 6139: Add missing whitespace in mount.cifs error message.
    * Fix a malloc/talloc mismatch when cli_initialise() fails.
    * Fix a valgrind error.
    * Speed up "net conf list".
    * Add sorted subkey cache.
    * Use StrCaseCmp in the dirsort module.
    * Document the dirsort module.
    * Fix the build on HP/UX.
    * Disable dns_sd by default.
    * Add avahi detection to configure.
    * Add event avahi binding.
    * Use avahi to register _smb._tcp in smbd.
    * Fix two memleaks in the encryption code.
    * Fix a scary "fill_share_mode_lock failed" message.

o   Derrell Lipman 
    * BUG 6228: Fix SMBC_open_ctx failure due to path resolve failure doesn't set

o   Stefan Metzmacher 
    * Don't use reserved words in smbconftort.
    * Fix smb signing for fragmented trans/trans2/nttrans requests.

o   Tim Prouty 
    * Parse_packet can return NULL which is then dereferenced in

o   Timur 
    * Format the header check for netinet/ip.h more nicely.
    * Fix detection of netinet/ip.h on FreeBSD.

o   Alexander Zagrebin 
    * Missing break in conversion function prevents tdb password database


** Affects: samba (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

samba need update to latest stable in Ubuntu 9.04
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