[Bug 227613] Re: [SRU] SIGSEGV in bacula-fd

Ante Karamatić ivoks at grad.hr
Sat Sep 27 11:06:24 BST 2008

On Sat, 27 Sep 2008 09:25:55 -0000
Kern Sibbald <kern at sibbald.com> wrote:

> OK, no problem.  I didn't take offense, hope you didn't,  but just
> wanted to clarify.

Of course not.

> The bug in the main Bacula 2.2.8 Branch HEAD is fixed because the
> code is identical to the current 2.4.2 code. That is if 2.2.8 is
> fully and correctly patched with the released patches, it should have
> this bug and others fixed. It is possible that there were confusions
> with the patches in getting from the first 2.2.8 to the version that
> is in the SVN. 

Oh! Mea culpa... I didn't know 2.2.8 is still getting patches. I'm
checking out source as I write this...

> OK, if you have a 2.2.8 src/filed/backup.c that is the same as on
> 2.4.2, then the bug *should* be fixed.  If not, I will be worried ...

I've seen your comments on bug in bacula buglist, but we really need
Sergio to confirm this.

Thank you for the info!

[SRU] SIGSEGV in bacula-fd
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