[Bug 123427] Re: [apport] package mysql-server-5.0 failed to install/upgrade:

Torsten Bronger bronger at physik.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Sep 25 17:18:54 BST 2008

Today, I found out that the very same root cause also prevents database
dump for backups from working:

> mysqldump --opt mysql > mysql.sql 
mysqldump: Couldn't execute '/*!40103 SET TIME_ZONE='+00:00' */': Table 'mysql.time_zone_name' doesn't exist (1146)

After re-installing mysql-server, it works again.  Thus, not only the
internal user table but also the timezone table is gone.  Maybe all
other internal tables, too.

Again: This makes backups via a database dump impossible.  Is this
really "Importance: Medium"?

By the way, the only maintainer question for making this "incomplete" bug complete for almost one year was, "Do you have any files in /var/lib/mysql/?"  Of course I have: There is my database after all!  Look, I'm really willing to help with this but please do it seriously.

Or, declare that until further notice MySQL Server doesn't work on
Ubuntu and that you recommend PostgreSQL.

[apport] package mysql-server-5.0 failed to install/upgrade: 
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